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Dog Friendly Terms and Conditions


To ensure the safety, comfort, and wellbeing of all its guests, Norseman Apartments has a common sense approach to dog friendly travel. 

Medium to small dogs are welcome at Norseman Apartments. Limited to two (2), in accordance with Local Government Restrictions. Sorry, we are not set up for larger dogs.

All we ask is that the following guidelines are observed:

  • Approval for pet stay is entirely at our discretion. Please ensure you let us know you are travelling with your pet when booking.

  • Dogs not to be in bedrooms, and not on the furniture.

  • Please do not leave your dog in the apartment unattended. If you go out for the day he/she should be with you.

  • Please have your dog on a leash at all times outdoors.

  • Please note - although the front yard is fenced it is not designed to keep an agile jumper in.

  • Please clean up after your dogs and dispose of litter in plastic doggie bags before placing in outdoor bins.

  • It is conditional when staying at Norseman Apartments that you will be responsible for your dog and any damage and additional cleaning that may be caused. (Please report any issues immediately).

  • Please ensure your dog is clean, vaccinated and in good health before travel. Nearest veterinary service is located 2 hours away in Esperance or Kalgoorlie.

  • Please bring your own pet's bedding. We supply a stainless steel dual bowl for food and water, if required.

  • Please be aware that 1080 bait is used in the Goldfields and along the Eyre Higway.  We recommend always having your dog on a lead when out of the car whilst travelling. 

Finally, you and your pets are ambassadors for all the pets that travel in the future! Travel courteously and responsibly, and pet-friendly accommodations will continue to welcome our pets.


Bookings & further information

If you would like  further info then email admin@norsemanapartments.com.au  

For a more prompt response - give us a call or send a SMS to 0476 644 400. 

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